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    NeatBot - The Next Generation Evony Helper

    • Our goal with NeatBot is not to provide yet another Evony Age I bot, it is to provide the best Evony Age I bot, for free.

    • We will be active in the NeatBot community.

    • We have and will continue to work to redesign the bot architecture to reduce cpu drain and memory footprint.
    • We have and will continue to work to continually increase the stability of the bot.
    • We will work to stay on top of the features other bots are offering, and meet or exceed them, when doing so does not compromise our primary goals.
    • We will work to reward our donators with frequent beta builds for testing.
    • We will work to reward our free users with regular public releases that have passed our beta tests.

    What is NeatBot and what can it do?

    • NeatBot is a helper program, or bot, that will automate tasks within the game Evony for you, in order to alleviate the tedious boredom of account maintenance and let you get on with enjoying killing your reds.

    • NeatBot can build npcs for you, and do your npc farming.

    • NeatBot can manage your heroes for you.

    • NeatBot can queue troops for you, and reinforce them city to city.

    • NeatBot can acquire & farm valleys, and hunt medals for you via several different methods.

    • NeatBot can manage your resources via market trading and shipping them city to city.

    • NeatBot can build your city and do your research for you on new accounts.

    • NeatBot has powerful defensive features for your city such as comforting, defensepolicy, and gatecontrol, and wall building.

    • NeatBot's scripting engine is more powerful and flexible than ever seen in any other bot, with full variables and expressions supported. There are very few limitations within our new and improved scripting.

    What can't NeatBot do?

    • NeatBot cannot automatically decide what is the best defense for your city, but you can script it to do so.

    • NeatBot cannot do what you forget to tell it to do.

    • NeatBot cannot fix your poorly written goals or scripts to prevent you from doing something stupid, but it can warn you when you have errors in them.

    • NeatBot cannot teach you how to use itself, but it does have pretty amazing forums & guide to teach you.

    • NeatBot cannot teach you game mechanics or make you a good player, but it can give you the foundation to be that.

    • NeatBot cannot ever be as good as you - so don't forget to PLAY your account in between all the botting.

    • NeatBot cannot wash your car, fold your laundry, or do your homework for you, but I am hopeful for this in the future ;)

    Who is working on NeatBot?

    • Romulus is the developer in charge of coding the bot and building the releases.

    • Inanna is in charge of the wiki, forum admin, and all the "people" stuff.

    • SumRandomGuy is the creator of the Director (which works for multiple bot flavors) and is coding NeatBot as well.

    {i} If you're looking for the old style wiki, you can find it at http://wiki.neatportal.com if you would like to reference it. Please note the old Wiki will no longer be updated.


    This wiki is, quite obviously, used from sources ranging as far back as Evobot's Wiki and as recent as YAEB's Wiki (which I also wrote). No infringement upon anyone's copyright or intellectual property is intended. YAEB was branched from the AutoEvony project, AutoEvony came from Evobot, and I'm sure in the future some other bot will be taken from NeatBot. Such is the way of the Internet. Thank you to all who came in the past to bring this bot and this wiki into the present, and will take it into the future. Credit freely given where credit is due. -- Inanna

    Neat Portal Wiki (last edited 2013-01-11 21:43:22 by Inanna)