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    The script commands in this section pertain to your account.



    buyitem itemname


    buyitem Ivory Horn
    buyitem /count=10 Speaker

    Command the bot to buy an item. Optional /count switch allows to specify number of items to buy.

    Note: Your account must contain the minimum amount of coins needed for an item.



    changeflag newflag


    changeflag NEAT

    ChangeFlag will use a National Flag item to change your flag in game.






    This command will go through your army attack reports and delete all attack and return reports for Barbarian cities as well as transport reports. Use a command like this if you send out mass amounts of NPC farming attacks.

    This command will clean all reports generated, not just the ones from the running city.



    cleanreports [searchstring]


    cleanreports barbarian
    cleanreports troops,lake

    This command will go through your reports searching both Subject & To Headers, and deleting anything that matches your search string from them. If no search string is given, it will delete all reports.



    completequests [optional /switch] questtype


    completequests daily
    completequests routine
    completequests title
    completequests rank
    completequests /type="Rebuild"
    completequests /query="all"

    CompleteQuests will automatically complete any quests that you have available to complete, and receive the awards that come from the quests. It can only be used in one city at any given time, you should not have multiple instances of the command running in others.

    You can accept any routine quests or daily quests (such as the free daily amulet) with completequests routine or completequests daily respectively. Using the /mode, /name, and /type switches will allow you to more specifically define what type of quest you'd like to accept. For example:

    •      completequests /mode=routine
           completequests routine        // same as above

    Some more examples by quest type:

    •      // complete any finished quests of "Rebuild" or "Promotion" types
           completequests /type=rebuild,promotion          // type is not case-sensitive
           completequests routine /type=Rebuild,Promotion  // same as above
           completequests /mode=routine Rebuild,Promotion  // same as above
           completequests routine Rebuild,Promotion        // same as above
           // use quotes to specify quest type with spaces
           completequests /type="Domain Expansion,Commodity Gathering"

    You can even specify the quest by name:

    •      // complete "Population Increase" quest if finished
           completequests /name="Population Increase"
           completequests routine /name="Population Increase"                     // same as above
           // complete "Farming" quest, if finished
           completequests /name=farming                                           // name is not case-sensitive
           completequests /mode=routine /name=farming /type="Commodity Gathering" // same as above (any order of switches is allowed)
           completequests routine /type="Commodity Gathering" farming             // same as above
           completequests routine "Commodity Gathering" farming                   // same as above

    Using completequests routine will force the bot to accept promotions that are pending. Please note that using the command in this way will accept the first promotion in the list, which would be major before baronet, or colonel before baron, etc. You will probably want to specify title, rank, office, or name parameters for completing promotion quests:

    •      // complete any finished title promotion(s)
           completequests title
           completequests /type=Promotion /name=Knight,Baronet,Baron,Viscount,Earl,Marquis,Duke,Furstin,Prinzessin    // same as above
           // complete any finished office (rank) promotion(s)
           completequests office
           completequests rank                                                              // same as above
           completequests /type=Promotion /name=Lieutenant,Captain,Major,Colonel,General    // same as above

    Global settings "General" tab now also has a dropdown menu to select automatic completion types:

    •      0 - No
           1 - Yes, except promotions
           2 - Yes
           3 - Yes, promote Title first

    The above options allow to you turn all automated quest completion off (option 0), turn it all on except promotions (option 1), turn it all on including promotions (option 2), or turn it on including promotions but doing title before rank (option 3). Most people will be best suited with option 3, this will accept Baronet before Major and so on. Note: completequests and completequests routine behavior via script command is currently NOT affected by Complete Quests mode value in Global Settings. This means if you set the menu to option 3 and then do completequests routine, you will still get Major before Baronet (or Colonel before Baron, or General before Viscount). You must use completequests title if you want them accepted in the most useful order.

    Beginning in NeatBot version 3511, there is also support for the /query switch. The available values for the /query switch are:

    •       "available" - return list of currently available (non-finished) quests in $result
            "finished"  - return list of finished (unclaimed) quests in $result
            "all"       - return list of all current quests in $result
      • If the /query switch is not specified, completequests works on claiming completed quests as before, except that it now additionally returns completed and claimed quests in $result. All existing parameters and filters are fully supported and can be combined with /query. The mode "routine" is assumed if /quest is the only supplied parameter.

    Here's an example of how to check if we have any finished quests of Rebuild type:

    •    // assuming quests auto-completion is disabled
         completequests /query=finished /type=Rebuild
         quests = $result
         if quests.length > 0 echo "We have completed, but unclaimed quests of Rebuild type"

    Here's an example to find names of not yet completed quests, and how to complete them:

    •    completequests /query=available
         quests = $result
         names = quests.map(CreateFunction("v,i,a","v.name"))
         if names.length > 0 echo "Available quests: " + names.join("\n")
         // complete quests
         // ...
         if names.indexOf("Chatting") >= 0 alliancechat "hi!"
         // ...

    Here's an advanced example to find target names needed to complete quests, and an example of how to complete:

    •    // define supporting functions
         canScout = CreateFunction("v,i,a","v.canScout")
         addFinishedTargets = CreateFunction("v,i,a","v.finished || targets.push(v.name)")
         checkTargets = CreateFunction("v,i,a","v.targetsArray.toArray().forEach(addFinishedTargets)")
         // check available quests
         completequests /query=available
         quests = $result
         targets = []
         if targets.length > 0 echo "Available targets: " + targets.join("\n")
         // complete targets
         // ...
         if targets.indexOf("Scout city") >= 0 callfunc scout_city()
         // ...
         function scout_city()
           dist = 10
           castle = CastlesInRectangle(city.x - dist, city.y - dist, city.x + dist, city.y + dist).filter(canScout).sort(city.compareByDistanceToCastle)[0]
           if castle execute "scout {castle.coords}"



    logout @:logouttime [@:logontime]
    logout time.to.logout [time.to.logon]


    logout @:01:30:31 @:06:35:00
    logout 1:00

    Disconnects/connects the bot from/to the server using your local computer time. Time must be expressed in 24 hr format if using the @ option.

    Note that any script running that causes the bot to disconnect will continue running again once the bot reconnects.

    • 1: logout 1:00 29:00
      2: attack 400,400 any c:1000,s:1000
      3: repeat 3
      4: sleep 45
      5: loop

    This script will cause the bot to send 3 spam waves to the target every 30 minutes, indefinitely, disconnecting from the server in between each set.

    If the 2nd parameter is omitted, then the bot will not log back in.




    Command the bot to truce your account.

    This command is the same as typing useitem Truce Agreement.



    useitem itemname


    useitem Ivory Horn
    useitem player.attackinc.1.b

    To use an item, you may use the common name (i.e., Chain Helm of Beowulf) or the internal item id (i.e., player.box.hero.b).

    To use an amulet, you can type any of the following:

    • useitem amulet
      useitem amulet5
      useitem amulet 3
      useitem Aries Amulet
      useitem player.box.gambling.3

    WARNING Please note the bot will attempt to buy items you don't have if you tell it to use it. Don't spin your cents away carelessly.


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