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    The Author of the Mac Binary Manager is Qualan. Special thanks to Dismayed for this guide.

    This is a 3rd party program written by a fellow botter, but not by the NeatPortal staff. As with all outside programs, use at your own risk and with an ounce of caution. We think it's safe enough to deserve a wiki page, and have received no complaints of it's performance or security =)

    To download the Manager for Mac OSX, go to https://github.com/mquinnv/Java-Binary-Manager.


    Click on Downloads:


    Click download as zip and copy the downloaded file to your NeatBot application directory:


    Unpack the archive:


    For convenience, you can copy the .app to the main directory and close all the branches:


    Each time that you download a new version of the NEAT.app you may want to run it once manually - i.e. double-click on NEAT.app to launch it. This will pause and will bring up the usual message that you are running an application from the internet - click ok and close the bot. If you do not do this, then every instance that the Mac Binary Manager opens will come up with the same message.

    Now run the Binary Manager.app. Once opened click the CHANGE button at the bottom, and select the NEAT.app.


    You may add accounts and groups as shown in the image above. In this example there is a group "Neat Wiki" added, and 3 accounts for it: Wiki 1, Wiki 2, and Wiki 3.

    Execute by selecting an account - or many accounts and click start button which will bring up the login screen(s).


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