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    Download the latest copy of the bot at http://forum.neatportal.com/viewforum.php?f=12.

    If you're a VIP member on the forum you can download the latest beta test version at http://forum.neatportal.com/viewforum.php?f=9.

    Make sure you download the Windows Binary version, it will end with ".exe" for the file extension.

    Place the bot in its own folder; for example, I have mine in my Documents folder in a folder named "NeatBot", the full path would be C:\Users\Inanna\Documents\NeatBot. You can put it anywhere you want, even on your Desktop if you want. But remember if you run it with the Director too, you will have backup save files clogging up your desktop.

    Now double click the NeatBot.exe file and let it start up. At the login screen, you will need to enter your Evony username (email address) and password, as well as the server you play on. If you play on a regular server, just type the number, for example "167". If you play on a super server, type it with the ss, for example "ss60".

    The Window Title should be a unique name to identify each account you're running. I personally use my lord name. If using the Director you will run into problems with duplicated window titles. Try adding the server number after your lord name if you use the same name on multiple servers.

    You can check the Auto Login, Set Goals, and Netbook Mode boxes if you would like to have the bot automatically log in when started, automatically set goals, and condense the graphical display for smaller screensizes, respectively. Auto Login and Set Goals are recommended if you will be using the Director to auto-restart your bots.


    Once logged in, right click anywhere in the bot and click "Settings".


    In the window that pops up, slide the bar to the right to increase the storage size allowed by Flash for the bot. If you set this too small, you will have a problem with goals and scripts not saving. Click Close on the popup when you've adjusted it.


    If you plan to run multiple accounts with the bot, it is suggested you use the Director or the Manager to launch them. You are able to run the bot by itself without these launching programs, but you will need to type in the email and password and server each time you run the .exe for the next account.

    See also: Director


    Windows Binary (last edited 2013-10-22 19:26:47 by Inanna)