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    The Director is a most awesome bot management tool made by SumRandomGuy.
    You can find the official site and download for it at http://sumrandomguy.com.

    The Director only works for Windows. Sorry but you cannot use it for your Linux or Mac bots, yet.
    The easiest way to learn to use the Director is to watch the video SRG made for it. It'll be on the front page of his website.

    Step 1: Download the Director and place it in the same folder you have your bot. This location is not required, but it makes things a lot easier to help you when it's all in one place.
    Step 2: Run the Director. At the bottom right, click Change Bot, navigate to your current Neatbot.exe, and select it. The bot name and path will show up on the Director after it's selected.


    Step 3: Type in the name of your first account in the box at the top, click Add.


    Step 4: In the window that opens, fill out the information as desired... Window Title: this must be unique for every bot. It must also be unique from any other window's "name" that is open on your computer.

    Window State: this menu will let you select whether the bot should startup minimized, maximized, restored (same size as whatever you had it last time), or hidden (starts it and hides it without interrupting you).

    Keep bot running: this will tell the Director whether or not to automatically restart your bot if it should be stopped or closed.

    Startup Delay: by default the Director will launch the bots with a 0-60 second random startup delay. This is to keep multiple bots from trying to connect at the exact same time. Leaving this box blank will allow this normal delay. Placing a 0 in it will remove the delay completely. You may experience IP bans if you do this and will not have time to edit the bot's login screen if you should need to (ie - set the password, etc.). You can place a longer delay here, in minutes, to stagger some of your bots out even further. For example adding a "1" here will make the delay 61-120 seconds (1 minute + the random minute).

    Edit Schedule: this is to set the time, if any, that you want this bot to be restarted each day. You can have as many restart times as you wish.

    Restart Mem Over: this is to tell the bot to restart the bot automatically if the memory usage on it exceeds the amount you specify.

    Sort Order: this is just what position in the Director's main window to put this account in the list.

    Notes: whatever you want to write here, or nothing at all.

    Profile bot: this is how you tell the Director to use a NEAT.exe other than the one selected in the main Director window in step 2 above. It is useful to use seperate folders and NEAT.exe's if you wish to use GlobalGoals for some accounts but not all, or wish to use different files for certain ones.

    Profile Params: this is where you can give specific StartupParameters for this particular bot.

    Don't forget to click "Save" when you're done.


    Step 5: Back on the main Director screen, make sure "Enabled" is checked if you wish for bots to be restarted on the schedule you set. It's also necessary if you want it to restart closed or crashed bots as instructed with "Keep bot running" in step 4 above.


    Step 6: That's it, now repeat steps 3 & 4 for each account you have using a unique profile name and window title for each. If Enabled is checked as shown above, the bots should be launching as you add them. You can stop/restart/run these bots with the buttons on the right side of the Director's main window. Once you've got them all created, logged on, and their goals loaded & saved I suggest you click Backup All Bots once to get a good starting backup just in case.


    Extra hint: You can right click on any selected profile to get even more options. The most useful of these is "Override last launched limit". The Director will only try to start each bot once every 5 minutes to prevent double launching them due to computer lag. So if you should start, stop, and try to restart one quickly it won't work. You can click this to override that timer and let it restart immediately.


    Extra hint #2: You can select all profiles or a group of profiles by selecting the top most one, holding shift, and then selecting the bottom most one. You can also select multiple profiles by holding ctrl while clicking each one you want selected. You can also deselect one or more profiles from a group selection by selecting them all first, then holding ctrl and clicking on each one you want to deselect.


    Enjoy your Director!

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