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    sleep seconds
    sleep hh:mm:ss
    sleep @:hh:mm:ss
    sleep rnd:maxseconds
    sleep rnd:minseconds:maxseconds


    sleep 15
    sleep 1:43
    sleep 4:22:32
    sleep @:14:15:00
    sleep rnd:15
    sleep rnd:20:30

    The sleep command will cause the bot to pause for the indicated time, which can be expressed as seconds only (e.g. 34, 240, 23432), minutes and seconds (e.g. 4:30) or hours, minutes, seconds (e.g. 2:44:34).

    When the @ symbol is used, the bot will pause until the specific time indicated, rather than after a given duration of time - based on your computer's system time. The time must be expressed in 24 hr. format, with 00:00:01 being 1 second after midnight, and 12:00:01 being 1 second past noon. This feature is similar to camp time with the added advantage that the bot will calculate how much camp time is required for your troops to arrive at the given time.

    When rnd is used, the bot will sleep a random number of seconds, either up to the max seconds given, or between a min seconds and maxseconds given.

    • //Sleeps the script for 30 seconds
      sleep 30
      //Sleeps the script for 2 minutes 45 seconds
      sleep 2:45
      //Sleeps the script for 7 hours, 25 minutes and 0 seconds
      sleep 7:25:00
      //Sleeps the script until 3:45pm local system time
      sleep @:15:45
      //Sleep for a random number of seconds between 0 and 15
      sleep rnd:15
      //Sleep randomly for at least 5 minutes, but no more than 10 minutes.
      sleep rnd:300:600

    Note that there is always a slight variation between the Evony engine clock and your system time. The exact time difference between the Evony engine and your computer system time is displayed at startup or any time you click the Refresh button on the top left of the screen.


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