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    Starting with NeatBot version 2748 you can define two preset .txt files with goals to be automatically loaded by the bot. The order of load is as follows:

    1. PrependGoals.txt is looked for in the bot's folder. If it's found, it will be loaded into memory and processed by the bot. This means any goals located in it will be "set".

    2. The city goals window is looked at. If it has any goals in it, they will be processed by the bot. This means any goals there will be "set".
    3. AppendGoals.txt is looked for in the bot's folder. If it's found, it will be loaded into memory and processed by the bot. This means any goals located in it will be "set".

    If neither PrependGoals.txt nor AppendGoals.txt are present in the bot's folder, then the bot will only load what's located in the city goal window, if anything. You do not need to utilize each of these goal methods. You can opt to use only PrependGoals.txt, or only AppendGoals.txt, or only city specific goals, or any combination of these.

    When using PrependGoals.txt or AppendGoals.txt, create them with a text editor. Notepad is default with Windows, and will work fine. Save them in plain text format (default save with Notepad). They should be located in the same folder as the bot is, ie - wherever you have NEAT.exe located.

    Now, if you're like most folks, you want one set of goals for your main, and another set for your alts. Or maybe even several sets for different kinds of accounts. Global Goals (PrependGoals.txt/Appendgoals.txt) will apply to EVERY bot that is run from the folder they're located in. You can work around this by utilizing multiple bot folders. You can have for example C:\NeatBot\Main and C:\NeatBot\Alts, then put the NEAT.exe in each folder. This way the txt files can be different for each folder and the bot will use them correctly.

    If you run the Director, you can have the Director use these different bot folders automatically too. For the folder that will run the most bots, in our example C:\NeatBot\Alts, setup the NEAT.exe to use at the bottom of the Director like normal by clicking "Change Bot". Then for any account you don't want to use the global goals from that "Alts" folder, you will click on the profile name, then Account Details, then at the bottom of that new window where it says Profile Bot, click the Set button. Navigate to the folder you wish to use for this particular account, in our example C:\NeatBot\Main, and select the NEAT.exe. Repeat this for every account that will not be using the "Alts" folder global goals. Don't forget when you download a new version of NEAT you need to put it in each bot folder, and you need to change the NEAT.exe used by the Director by clicking "Change bot" on the main Director window *and* the Profile Bot in each seperate profile window.

    If you're for some reason against the idea of multiple bot folders, you might want to instead consider using variables. You can for example do set th Bob in the Prepend file, and then use it with traininghero %th% 120 180 0 in Append. If all your alts had Bob as the traininghero name, then all your alts would use that traininghero. But if you wanted your main to have the traininghero name Fred instead, then you'd simply add set traininghero Fred in the city goals window for the main. That way the Prepend sets it to "Bob", then city goals changes it to Fred (but only for that account!), then Append uses it, whether it be Bob or Fred by that point. Here is a more detailed example of how you might use this with both standard farm alts, and a main account:

    In PrependGoals.txt -

    set dump 123,456
    // blah and bleh don't even need to exist, I don't use a traininghero on my alts, just set some word so it doesn't error
    set th blah
    set poli bleh
    set resamount f:300m,w:5m,i:5m,s:5m 10m
    set troop1 wo:1k,w:1k,sw:1k,p:1k,t:5k,b:5k,a:10k,s:10k,c:1k,cata:1k
    set troop2 s:100k,a:100k
    set troop3 t:30k,b:30k,cp:10,r:10
    set walls1 ab:1,at:1
    set walls2 ab:5k,at:15k
    // city config stuff
    config wartown:0
    config comfort:1
    comfortpolicy 15 16 popraise
    distancepolicy 10 12 10 10 15
    config gate:0.05
    gatepolicy 2 2 2 2 2
    config hiding:0.5
    processingpolicy t b r a s v n
    // hero stuff
    config hero:21
    keepheroes any:base>=65,level>50|any:base>=70
    keepcapturedheroes any:base>=68,level>50|any:base>=70
    nolevelheroes any:intel>=163
    // farming stuff
    config npc:5,trainint:1,buildnpc:5,acquireflats:1,abandonflats:1
    // valley stuff
    config valleymin:1,valley:10
    valleytroops s:50k
    valleytroops 8 s:100k
    valleytroops 9 s:100k
    valleytroops 10 a:30000,sw:1,p:1,s:1,w:1,c:1,b:1
    // wall building stuff
    config wallqueuetime:0.5

    In the City specific goals for alts -

    Nothing, unless you have building goals or research goals, or something in particular you want the alt to do.

    In the City specific goals for your main -

    // Note, this is a plain ole farming city for a main, you can obviously see how you'd add in higher troop goals for a war city or hub or npc10 farming town.
    // You'd also want to add in send/request resource goals for a hub or warcity. 
    // You'd add in npc10 farming goals where applicable, and change the times on the traininghero movement.
    // Note that doing config npc:10 or buildnpc:10 or similar in this part, will overwride the lvl 5 farming/building above, as would buildnpc:15 or whatever. This way you can let all your bots farm 5s, except select cities that will hit 10s :)
    // Basically just add in anything missing that you want this particular city to do.
    set dump hubcity
    set th BigDude
    set poli PoliDude
    set resamount f:1b,i:20m,w:20m,s:10m 10m
    set troop1 wo:5k,w:5k,sw:5k,p:5k,t:5k,b:5k,a:10k,s:10k,c:5k,cata:5k
    set troop2 wo:100k,w:100k,sw:100k,p:100k,t:100k,b:100k,cp:100k,r:100k,s:500k,a:500k,c:100k,cata:100k
    set troop3 t:1m,b:1m,cp:1m,r:300k,a:5m,s:5m,c:1.5m,cata:250k
    set walls1 ab:1,at:1
    set walls2 ab:5k,at:15k
    config keepatthome:1
    traininghero %th% 60 90 0

    And finally... in AppendGoals.txt -

    // Here we're gonna use all that 'set' stuff you did in the last 2 sections
    // As you can see, if you modified troop build counts or res amounts or walls for a specific city, they'll get used.
    // If you didn't modify them, then they'll use the defaults way up in PrependGoals.txt.
    keepresources %dump% %resamount%
    npcheroes 5 !%th%,any
    valleyheroes !%th%,!%poli%,any:attack>60
    // troop training stuff
    config troopsusepopmax:1,troopqueuetime:1,troopincrement:1,troopidlequeuetime:0,reservedbarrack:0
    troop /idlequeuetime:5 /usereserved:1 p:1,sw:1,cav:1,w:1
    troop /idlequeuetime:2 wo:2k
    troop %troop1%
    troop %troop2%
    troop %troop3%
    fortification %walls1%
    fortification %walls2%

    Neat, huh? Now if you ever decide to change your dump city's location.. you open up PrependGoals.txt, change the set dump xxx,yyy' line, save it, and restart bots. No more editing 400 cities required.]

    Things to remember:

    1. PrependGoals.txt and AppendGoals.txt are only loaded when the bot is started, and only if you have "Set Goals" checked at the login screen.

    2. Also if you build a new city or capture a city/npc, these files will be loaded.
    3. These files are not saved in the bot and do not appear in the bot's goals window, but they are still running. You can test by watching your farmers march :)

    4. Editing the city goal window and hitting save/set goals will not reload the txt files, you must restart the bot to modify those.


    GlobalGoals (last edited 2014-04-10 20:10:08 by Inanna)