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    Starting in version 2583 of NeatBot, you can now set your scripts to automatically run when the bot is started up. This means your trade script or whatever else you run can be going 24/7 even when the Director is used to restart your bots each day.

    To use this feature, first check the box for autorun scripts on the login screen and then log in:


    Secondly, go to the scripts window in each city that you wish to have scripts autorunning in, and add "label autorun" where you want the bot to start (i.e., it is not required to be the first line). The bot will treat this as a "goto autorun" internally, and jump to that line to begin running scripts. Be sure to put whatever you want run below this and SAVE your script. Example:



    AutorunScripts (last edited 2015-09-23 12:40:46 by Inanna)