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    Sometimes it's necessary to pause a friend's bot remotely so it doesn't kick you out while defending. This HAS to be set up ahead of time; can't just have people pausing other people's bots, can we?

    In the following scenario, we have the following actors:
    SRG is the supporting defender; I'm always online.
    GBA is the Guy Being Attacked; he's always sleeping.

    First, GBA has to add SRG to friends list. If he's not on there, the bot is gonna ignore anything SRG tries to tell it to do. GBA will go to a script window at any city and do:

    • friendadd SRG

    SRG will then issue the following whisper to GBA:

    • /GBA //pause

    GBA sees in his Commands window:

    • 18:08:11 Receive from SRG: pause , hash = e2966f3e

    GBA then tells this hash to SRG. That's HIS specific key. No one else can use it. Now, when SRG sees GBA being attacked at some later time, he can do this:

    • /GBA //pause e2966f3e 2

    The 2 on the end says to pause for 2 hours. If it went well, SRG will get a whisper back from GBA's bot saying "Pausing for 2 hours."

    Additional Remote Commands

    There are more remote control commands other than pause. The hash is required for each of them. It should be setup exactly as above.

    relay - this tells the bot to repeat everything from the alliance chat of the alliance it's in via whisper to the person that issued the command to relay it. The relay is effective for 1 hour and cannot be increased or decreased.

    • /GBA //relay e2966f3e

    unrelay - this tells the bot to stop relaying alliance chat to you via whisper.

    • /GBA //unrelay e2966f3e

    warreport - this tells the bot to search war reports and relay up to 10 Evony battle urls for reports matching the coordinates you specified. You must currently be on the relay list (use the relay command shown above) for the bot to respond to this remote command.

    • /GBA //warreport xxx,yyy

    query - this tells the bot to lookup a member of the alliance and relay back information on prestige, rank within the alliance, and last login time. You must currently be on the relay list (use the relay command shown above) for the bot to respond to this remote command.

    • /GBA //query playername


    1) Whispers can be monitored on the server, think about the implications of using these scripted commands and how easy they are to find in logs.
    2) 1 hour is the minimum amount of time you can pause a remote bot. It is also the default time if you don't include one.
    3) You must delete relaykey.sol from the flash storage folder on your computer to remove everyone's access. There is no //delete command.
    4) It is also important to note that whisper hashes are not segregated by server number, so if you give SRG a hash key, and both of your user names are the same on a different server, then he can use the same hash code on another server to pause your bot on that server too, if he's also on your friendlist there.
    5) The # symbol can be used instead of //. This makes whispering remote commands via script possible.

    The upsides are that a bot with a timing problem won't kick you out when you're trying to defend. People are MUCH better defenders than the bot any day. You also know that when you received the "pausing for 2 hours" message, it was a bot online and not a human.

    Special thanks to SumRandomGuy for this guide.


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