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    Understanding Errors

    Sometimes when you save changes and set goals, the log window will show you an error. I have found that MOST users will read only the last line of the error, rather than the entire error showing them the problem. For example:

    21:05:16 (City) - setting goals
    21:05:16 (City) - SENDTROOPS: Invalid parameters: asdf
    21:05:16 (City) - expected: sendtroops coords trooptype local_min remote_min quantity
    21:05:16 (City) - examples: sendtroops 50,50 archer 500k 100k 100k
    21:05:16 (City) -           sendtroops 50,50 scout  200k 100k -1
    21:05:16 (City) - comfort policy set to: popraise  in every 15 to 18 minutes
    21:05:16 (City) - Config: hero:1, buildnpc:20, keepatthome:1, reservedbarrack:1, troopsusepopmax:1, valley:10, comfort:1, troopqueuetime:2, npc:5
    21:05:16 (City) - ERROR IN GOALS, please check!!!

    The error in this case is not "21:05:16 (City) - ERROR IN GOALS, please check!!!" but instead the error is is "21:05:16 (City) - SENDTROOPS: Invalid parameters: asdf"

    Using debug to find a problem

    Any time you post on the forum requesting help, we're going to ask you for the debug log. This many sound like gibberish, but it's not too hard. Let's pretend you have config hunting:5 in your goals, but the bot is not attacking valleys for medals and you have no idea why. First step, go to the city with the problem. Now click on the "Debug Settings" tab near the top, next to the "Goal" and "Script" tabs. In this window you will see the individual features of the bot listed:


    Once there, check Normal, Verbose, and Valley. Normal because that's probably already on. Verbose because you want to check this ALWAYS for EVERY debug log no matter what the issue is. And finally Valley because your problem is with the bot not hitting valleys. If your bot was failing to attack npcs instead, you'd select Normal, Verbose, and Npc Farming instead. If your bot wasn't trading properly, you'd select Normal, Verbose, and Trading instead....and so forth.

    Now patiently sit and wait until that city gets focus. Focus occurs in one city at a time, down the row from left to right, as the bot performs its tasks. Just like a real player would in game, the bot will only "click" on one city at a time to do things. You will know when your debug city gets focus because it will say something like "City receives focus" followed by a ton of spam in the logging window at the bottom. Let this run for about a minute, then turn off Verbose and Valley debugging by unchecking those boxes.

    Now click on CITY LOG so that you can only see the logging output for the city in question and not all the others. Scroll up to the start where you saw "City receives focus" and copy it all the way down. Go to your forum post and paste the debug log along with your goals for that city and an explanation of your problem.

    If you're feeling adventurous, you can read all that spam and probably figure out your own problem. For example, you may see "HUNTING: Error - not enough troops!" and know that it's not attacking valleys because you don't have enough troops there. Or you may see "HUNTING: Error - all rally slots are full!" and know that it's not attacking valleys because your npc farmers or transports or something is hogging all your rally slots. Most errors are in understandable wording. If you can't figure it out, we're happy to help on the forum.


    Debugging (last edited 2012-11-06 00:09:50 by Susannah)