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    You may "comment" out certain lines by adding a // or # at the beginning of the line. The bot will not perform any goals or scripts written on a commented line.

    This is a good way to remind yourself what a line is meant to do, e.g.:

    • // Tell my bot not to fire any hero I capture of lvl 100 or higher
      keepcapturedheroes any:level>=100
      // Tell my bot to farm lvl 5 npcs
      config npc:5

    It is also a good way to temporarily turn off a feature in your goals, e.g.:

    • // Disable the next line temporarily until I get around to porting my city...
      #keepresource AnotherTown w:20000000,i:20000000 5000000

    You can also use comments to separate your goals into sections, e.g.:

    • // resource stuff
      config trade:1
      tradepolicy /type:food /min:3d /batch:1m
      tradepolicy /type:wood /min:10m /max:30m /batch:1m /allowselltomin
      tradepolicy /type:stone /min:500m /batch:1m
      tradepolicy /type:iron /min:10m /max:30m /batch:1m /allowselltomin
      tradepolicy /type:gold /min:100m
      keepresources hubcity w:25m,i:25m,f:700m 10m
      // hero stuff
      config hero:20,keepatthome:1,feastinghallspace:1
      keepheroes any:level>=100|any:base>=65
      keepcapturedheroes any:level>=100|any:base>=70
      traininghero bigdude 120 180 0
      // farming stuff
      config npc:5,buildnpc:5
      npcheroes 5 any,!bigdude


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