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    config farmingcyclemin:[hours]


    config farmingcyclemin:1


    none (8.4 hour cycle default)

    Using this goal, the bot can select which npc to farm next based on a calculated "best option" using the resources refilled in the npc since your last attack on it, and the travel time to the npc and back.

    With farmingcyclemin, you can tell the bot how many hours minimum since a particular npc was hit, before it can hit it again if it's the best option to attack next. This will work in conjunction with config farmingcycle, using farmingcycle as the max hours since the last hit. This goal only affects level 1-5 npc farming. If farmingcyclemin is used, but farmingcycle is not, it will default to a max 8.4 hours.

    As an example, let's say you have 2 npcs at 1 mile away with 50% of their resources regenerated that you hit 4 hours ago, and 1 npc at 6 miles away with 100% of its resources regenerated that you have not hit yet. If you had standard npc farming enabled, the bot would attack the npc at 6 miles, and travel an hour or more there and back. If you had this goal set to 4 hours or less, then the bot could hit both of those closer npcs and get the same amount of resources, and still be back ready to go again in less time.

    The bot will process priority of how often to farm as shown here.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryNpcGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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