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    npcheroes [optional level] hero-string


    npcheroes 10 hero-string
    npcheroes 9 hero-string
    npcheroes 5 hero-string
    npcheroes 4 hero-string
    npcheroes hero-string


    npcheroes any

    This directive tells the bot which heroes to use for which npc level. If this is not set, the bot will default to all allowed heroes to hit any npc level 1-5. You can specify heroes for every level of npc individually as shown in the examples above, or let it default to the older style by simply using 'npcheroes' with no npc level after it for all npcs of level 1-5, and 'npc10heroes' for npcs of level 10.

    See HeroString for details on how to set up the hero string for this goal.

    NOTE: You must still enable farming of these levels of npcs via the config npc goal if you wish for the bot to farm them. Simply setting which heroes to use will not make the bot hit the npcs.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryHeroGoals CategoryNpcGoals

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