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    npcbounds Xmin Xmax Ymin Ymax


    npcbounds 5 200 215 400 415
    npcbounds 8 200 205 400 405



    By default, the bot will find and farm npcs on its own as specified with Npc, NpcList, and FarmingPolicy. However, you may sometimes wish to restrict your bot to only farm npcs in a specific area. You can do so with this directive. This tells the bot the boundaries in which it may farm.

    In the example above, the bot would be allowed to farm in a square with the top left corner at 200,400 and the bottom right corner at 215,415 for level 5 npcs. In the 2nd example above, the bot will only farm level 8 npcs between 200,400 and 205,405.

    The bot will process which npcs to farm based on the priorities specified here.

    NOTE: it is not recommended to use this unless you need to due to sharing npcs with a friendly neighbor, etc. It's much better to let the bot decide what to hit.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryNpcGoals

    NpcBounds (last edited 2013-05-30 14:57:03 by Inanna)