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    config npc:[switch]


    config npc:5


    config npc:0


    1 - Attack npcs 1+
    2 - Attack npcs 2+
    3 - Attack npcs 3+
    4 - Attack npcs 4+
    5 - Attack npcs 5+
    6 - Attack npcs 6+
    7 - Attack npcs 7+
    8 - Attack npcs 8+
    9 - Attack npcs 9+
    10 - Attack npcs 10 only

    Enabling this config will start npc farming for you. The bot will start with the highest level npc it is configured to farm, and work its way down to lower level npcs when transports/ballistas or troops/heroes/whatever are unavailable to farm the higher levels. Be sure to set config npc to the lowest level of npc you wish to farm.

    Level 1-5 npcs can be farmed with no losses for free resources with the proper research and troops, whereas level 6+ npcs cannot be. Level 6-10 npc farming has additional configuration - required NpcLimits goal, and optionally NpcHeroes and NpcTroops goals as well. The bot will farm npcs in a radius around your city as specified in DistancePolicy or modified by FarmingPolicy.

    By default the bot will send out as many npc runs at a time as it's able to with troops, heroes, and limits. You may wish to control how many are sent at a time. This can be done via the goal NpcTeams or via RallyPolicy.

    The bot is automatically programmed to send the proper safe amount of transports and ballistas (for lvl 1-5 npcs), or transports, archers, and layers (for 6+ npcs) based on the level of the npc and your logistics research. You can change the default troops used with the config settings NpcTroops or BallsUsed. If a hero is sent on a npc farming run, and its attack attribute is below 50, the bot will send the default number of ballistas regardless of your NpcTroops or BallsUsed settings, but will respect the /safeballs switch in FarmingPolicy. For level 5 npcs, this "safe" default is 550 ballistae. For level 4 npcs it is 350 ballistae For Level 3 npcs it is 170 ballistae For level 2 npcs it is 50 ballistae For level 1 npcs it is 20 ballistae

    The bot starts with the closest npc and works its way out, restarting again based on the following order of priority:

    If npclimit is set and reached (e.g., config npclimit:10 and you have 10+ days of food in the city), and if config training:1 or config training:2 is enabled, the bot will restart again at the nearest npc every hour instead to train your heroes. The 8-hour default can be changed via FarmingPolicy for each level of npc farmed, or FarmingCycle for all npcs.

    The bot will automatically detect maintenance and reset your farming cycle after it relogs. You can also manually reset it by typing \resetfarminghistory in the Commands window, or by clicking the resetfarminghistory button on the right side of the Commands window. In addition, you can have it reset farming history at startup by checking that box in Global Settings, General tab.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryNpcGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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