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    config acquireflats:[switch]


    config acquireflats:1


    config acquireflats:0


    0 - Disable acquireflats
    1 - Enable acquireflats
    2 - Enable acquireflats even if no open city slots

    This goal, combined with AbandonFlats, can instruct the bot to automatically capture, hold, and release flats for maintenance to level them up in order to build npcs of the desired level. With this goal enabled, the bot will attempt to acquire (capture) all flats within the npc building distance specificed in DistancePolicy or NpcBuildPolicy and hold them. It will hold as many flats as possible, so be aware you will lose valleys in order to hold them.

    The bot will use any available hero for flat acquisition, unless specified otherwise in ValleyHeroes.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryNpcGoals CategoryValleyGoals CategoryConfigGoals

    AcquireFlats (last edited 2017-07-19 16:12:04 by Romulus)