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    config npclimit:[days]


    config npclimit:10



    This goal sets a limit in days for the amount of food obtained when farming npcs. The bot will limit farming to the specified number of days based on your troops' food consumption. Starting in version 2679, the bot no longer has a default npclimit. This means it will farm endlessly for food regardless of how much you have, unless you specifically limit it with this goal.

    If this goal is set but not yet reached, the bot will farm your npcs once every 8.4 hours. Once it is reached, the bot will no longer farm until it falls below the specified number of days. You can instruct the bot to continue hitting npcs hourly for experience gain rather than food gain after the npclimit is reached by using config training for level 1-9 npcs, or config training10 for npc10s.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryNpcGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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