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    farmingpolicy [level] [/switch:value] [/switch:value] [...]


    farmingpolicy 5 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:7 /farmingcycle:8
    farmingpolicy 10 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5 /farmingcycle:1
    farmingpolicy /level:8 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5 /farmingcycle:1





    Farmingpolicy makes the bot much more flexible and powerful, allowing you to farm specific levels of NPCcs for specific numbers of miles in specific intervals.

    The switches /mindistance and /maxdistance allow you to instruct the bot how far it will go for that particular level of NPC or that particular npclist. The level of NPC a farmingpolicy line affects can be written as just the number (see examples 1 & 2 above) or as a switch /level:xx (see example 3 above). Details on how the bot prioritizes which NPCs to farm with the various available settings can be found here.

    The /farmingcycle or /cycle or /maxcycle switch allows you to tell the bot how often you want to farm that particular NPC for the specified level. Default is 8.4 hours.

    The /mincycle switch allows you to tell the bot to farm "smarter" by selecting the next NPC to farm based on its travel time and percentage of resources refilled since your last attack on that NPC. For more detail on this switch, see FarmingCycleMin.

    The /safeballs switch allows you to override the default safe ballista number for each level of NPC, so that heroes below 50 attack would use your custom number instead.

    NOTE: farmingpolicy is not required for NPC farming. If you merely want to farm NPCs using the default or goal settings for distance, etc., then you can omit farmingpolicy entirely and just use config npc:5, config npc:10, etc.

    The above 3 examples could be combined with npc, npcheroes, npctroops, and npclimits to have your bot farm level 5, 8, and 10 npcs as follows:

    config npc:5
    farmingpolicy 5 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:7 /mincycle:1
    npcheroes 5 !mainguy,!queen,any
    npctroops 5 b:500,t:400
    farmingpolicy 10 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5 /cycle:1
    npcheroes 10 mainguy
    npctroops 10 a:90k,w:2k,wo:2k,s:4k,t:2k
    npclimits 10 a:400k
    farmingpolicy 8 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5 /cycle:1
    npcheroes 8 queen,smartguy
    npctroops 8 a:19k,w:80k,t:1k
    npclimits 8 w:200k,a:100k

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryNpcGoals

    FarmingPolicy (last edited 2013-08-28 16:30:47 by Romulus)