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    npcbuildpolicy /level:[level] /mindistance:[miles] /maxdistance:[miles]


    npcbuildpolicy /level:10 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5



    You can specify which npcs you want to be built at which distances by using this goal. For example, if config buildnpc:10 is enabled the bot will know to build npcs of level 10. With the above example, it will know to build level 10 npcs only between 1-5 miles away. If a maxdistance is not set, the bot defaults to mindistance + 1 mile.

    *NOTE* npcbuildpolicy is optional. If you wish for distancepolicy setting to be used for any npc that will be built according to your config buildnpc:x goal, then npcbuildpolicy is not necessary. This is only useful if you wish to specify different distances for different levels of npcs to be built.

    You can also use a range within the level switch, for example /level:1-10 to encompass all levels of npcs, from 1 to 10.

    Common building examples:

    For npcs level 5 & 10 only, 10s up to 5 miles away, 5s up to 15 miles beyond that:

    config buildnpc:15
    npcbuildpolicy /level:10 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5
    npcbuildpolicy /level:5 /mindistance:5 /maxdistance:15

    For npcs of any level, with 10s up to 5 miles away, 5s beyond that up to 10 miles away, and any junk level beyond that up to 20 miles away:

    config buildnpc:20
    npcbuildpolicy /level:10 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5
    npcbuildpolicy /level:5 /mindistance:5 /maxdistance:10
    npcbuildpolicy /level:1-4 /mindistance:10 /maxdistance:20

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