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    Abandon Goal


    config abandon:[switch]


    config abandon:1


    config abandon:0


    0 = off
    1 = on

    This goal tells the bot that you are planning to abandon this city. The bot will destroy all troops, wall defenses, and queues in the city and will lower loyalty by levying and adjusting the tax rate upwards. The bot will not perform comforting actions on the city with this goal set. This is useful when you plan to give a city away or abandon it. The bot will not automatically abandon the city once it reaches 0 loyalty.


    You should run EvacuateTown in the scripts window before you set this goal!

    Be sure to move out All heroes as well

    Abandon Script


    abandon XXX,YYY


    abandon 111,222

    This script tells the bot to abandon the valley at 111,222.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryGeneralGoals CategoryConfigGoals ScriptCity