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    config trainpol:[switch]


    config trainpol:1


    0 = off
    1 = on

    By default, the bot will not attack npcs with the best politics hero of the town (i.e., the mayor). With this goal set, the politics hero will attack npcs, and be given priority for leveling by being sent before the attack heroes.

    Another hero (attack, normally) will be set as temporary mayor while your politics hero is out farming. You may notice a significant decrease in resource production with this enabled due to the temporary, lower politics mayor.

    If you are trying to keep and level up 2 or more politics heroes side by side, it is best to discard this goal. In this scenario the bot will keep the best of the 2 politics heroes home to act as mayor, and send the 2nd one out to farm as if it were an attack hero. When the 2nd one surpasses the best in politics score, they will swap and the 2nd will become the mayor while the 1st attacks npcs to level up.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryHeroGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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