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    processingpolicy [/start:hh:mm[:ss] [/end:hh:mm[:ss]] policy[:priority] policy[:priority]


    processingpolicy q:10 b:10 a:10 v:10 s:10 m:10 t:10 r:10 n:10


    q = rescue (er.. resQue?)
    b = buildnpc
    v = valleyfarming
    n = npcfarming
    s = safevalleyfarming
    a = valleyacquisition
    m = medalhunting
    t = sendtroops
    r = sendresources

    This policy will allow you to instruct the bot the priority with which it will try to perform its tasks such as npc farming, valley acquisition, etc.

    By default all tasks have equal priority in the bot, so the bot would try to send out roughly the same number of each task. For example, after a few hours of running, the bot would have attempted to send out the same number of npc farmers as it would have medal farmers, if both tasks were equal in priority in your goals (or not specified at all). Troops, heroes, or farming targets could prevent it from actually sending equal amounts of course. Each time the bot sends out a mission of a certain type, it will accumulate a higher internal point value on that task. Tasks with the lowest points will be given priority to perform first, when possible.

    You can specify one or more tasks to have higher priority than some or all others. For example, if you used in goals processingpolicy n:10 m:20 then medal farming would have a 2x higher priority than npc farming, and roughly double the number of medal farmers would be sent to the number of npc farmers. Once again, if you have heroes or troops limiting medal farmers or just don't have the valleys to farm, the bot may not be able to keep the ratio you desire.

    The default priority for any task is 10 if not specified. You can however specify some lower than that. You are also able to use the * (asterisk) symbol to include any task not specified. For example, processingpolicy n:10 m:20 *:5 in your goals would mean to give 10 priority to npc farmers, 20 to medal farmers, and 5 to everything else. In that example, there would be roughly 4x more medal farmers sent out as anything else, 2x more npc farmers sent out as anything else, and 2x more medal farmers sent out than npc farmers.

    You can turn off certain tasks using the ! symbol. For example, processingpolicy !b would disable npc building completely. You can even use the * to disable everything but what you specify. For example, processingpolicy m:10 n:20 a:30 !* would give medal farming a priority of 10, npc farming a priority of 20, valley acquisition a priority of 30, and disable everything else.

    Disabling a task in processingpolicy can be written a few ways for your convenience. The following examples all mean the same thing - disable npc building:

    •          processingpolicy !b
               processingpolicy b:0
               processingpolicy b:off
               processingpolicy b:false
               processingpolicy b:no

    You can also specify times to turn on or off certain tasks. For example, if you wanted to disable npc farming between the hours of 1pm and 2pm, you could do processingpolicy /start:13:00 /end:1400 !n

    Processingpolicy allows using = instead of : in all places as well for your convenience. The following examples both mean the same thing - disable npc farming between the hours of 1pm and 2pm:

    •          processingpolicy /start:13:00 /end:14:00 !n
               processingpolicy /start=13:00 /end=14:00 !n

    Using the = is not limited to just timed policies. You can use it freely in all processingpolicy goals, for example processingpolicy n=10 b=20 a=30 works too.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCityGoals

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