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    config troopdelbadque:[switch]


    config troopdelbadque:1


    0 = off
    1 = on

    By default, the bot will always use your TrainingHero to queue troops. If you do not have one set, the bot will attempt to use the highest attack hero available in the city. Sometimes you may queue manually, or lag may cause the bot to queue with the wrong hero. In this case, the bot recognizes the queue as 'bad' because it is not an optimal time to completion. With this enabled, the bot will sometimes cancel these queues (delete bad queue) so that it can replace them with good ones using the right hero.

    Do not enable this if you have instant troops stacked in the barracks behind deliberately slow builds that you plan to cancel when the instant troops are needed.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryTroopGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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