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    config gate:[minutes]


    config gate:1
    config gate:0.1


    config gate:0

    With this option activated the bot will open and close the gates depending on the type of attack waves approaching the city. Town defense is quite complex; the bot can defend your city when it is strong, weak, or extremely weak. In general, if you have 300,000 archers the bot will allow scout bombs to hit; below 100,000 archers, the bot will close the gate when attacked but will open the gate to deal with small loyalty attacks. When used along with GatePolicy, you can instruct the bot what types of attacks to open for, and what to close for.

    In the 1st example above, the bot would open or close gates 1 minute before an incoming attack. In the 2nd example, the bot would open or close gates 0.1 minute, or 6 seconds, before an incoming attack.

    Note that the bot will automatically take into account the "Server time difference" shown at login. This is the time difference between your computer's clock and evony's clock.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCombatGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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