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    config hiding:[minutes]


    config hiding:0.5


    config hiding:0 (off)

    When enabled, the hiding goal will attempt to hide resources and excess troops when under attack by moving a rainbow and resources. This will ensure you have sufficient resources and troops to continue defending. This goal is very useful when your city is still weak; if there are more troops/layers in your city than open rally spots can accommodate, then the rainbow hiding may not be effective.

    The bot requires an available hero in the town to send the evasion attack for the rainbow. It will not demote the mayor for this purpose. If all heroes are out farming or the rally spots are all full, hiding will fail. Therefore, you should use HomeHeroes or KeepAttHome with this goal.

    In the example above, the bot will attempt to hide troops and resources 30 seconds prior to the attack landing.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCombatGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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