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    research type:level[type:level,type:level]


    research lo:5
    research lo:5,ho:5,com:4


    agriculture - ag
    lumbering - lu
    masonry - mas
    mining - mi
    metal casting - met
    informatics - in
    military science - ms
    military tradition - mt
    ironworking - ir
    logistics - lo
    compass - com
    horseback riding - ho
    archery - ar
    stockpile - st or sp
    medicine - med
    construction - con
    engineering - en
    machinery - mac
    privateering - pr

    As with troop and build goals, the bot will perform research goals line by line in sequential order. In the 1st example above, the bot will research logistics to level 5. In the 2nd example above, the bot will research logistics to level 5, horseback riding to level 5, and compass to level 4.

    The bot will automatically build and upgrade any buildings necessary to complete research goals.

    By default the bot sets config research:1 internally if you have any research goal lines present. If you wish to disable all researching for a city temporarily, instead of adding a // or # to each research line, you can simply add config research:0 to goals.


    If you specify research goals that require a level 10 building, the bot WILL use your Michelangelo scripts to upgrade buildings to level 10 first!

    Be sure to only specify upgrades to level 10 research for military science, metal casting, horseback riding, lumbering, mining, privateering, and masonry in an unconverted npc10, or in cities with those buildings already at level 10 (e.g., a city with a level 10 warehouse for stockpiling 10) unless you're willing to spend your scripts.

    As of the 3096 public release, you are able to use conditions in goals. Conditions are checks to see if certain buildings or research targets are met first, and if so then to perform some research task. For example, if I wanted to research privateering only if the academy was already level 10:

    • research ?a:10?pr:10

    Looks confusing, but I promise it's not. The stuff inside the ??s is the condition. So we're checking above "if the academy is level 10, then research privateering to level 10".

    You're able to mix in both research and building conditions in the goal, like so:

    • build ?met:10,w:10?q:0:0,ws:0:0

    The above says if metal casting is level 10 and walls are level 10 then demolish all quarries and the workshop. Of course, this is a build goal and not a research goal, but I couldn't really think of a practical application to show you a research goal using both =)

    Now, just to throw in a bit of confusion for you... the ?condition?goal can be written in reverse too as goal?condition?. The following both mean the same thing:

    • research ?ho:10?st:0:0
      research st:0:0?ho:10?

    The above two lines both say "if horseback riding is level 10, demolish the stable completely".

    It is important to note when using conditions in research or build goals, you must use "st" for stable and "sp" for stockpiling. You may still use "st" for stockpiling in pure research goals without conditions.

    If you would like even more precise control over research order along with building order, check out the Plan goal.

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