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    keeptroops coord troops quantity


    keeptroops OtherCity w:100k,s:400k,p:100k,sw:200k,a:400k 10k



    This goal will tell the bot to automatically send troops to another city when it reaches more than the amount you specify. For cities on the same account, you can use the city name, coordinates, or "any" for the destination. For cities on another account, you must use coordinates for the destination.

    In the example above, when ThisCity has more than 100k warriors, or 400k scouts, or 100k pikes, or 200k swords, or 400k archers then the bot will send extras to OtherCity in increments of at least 10k.

    When combined with Troop goals set higher than these amounts, the bot would continually queue troops to be sent to another city. This can be useful to stock or restock a war city or continually rebuild troops for a npc10 farming city.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryTroopGoals

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