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    capturedfirelimit [level]


    capturedfirelimit 100


    none, use KeepCapturedHeroes instead

    This directive will tell the bot not to automatically fire any captured hero of the level specified.

    1. You have config hero set to something other than 0 (e.g., config hero:1) ... AND

    2. You have a captured hero of a level below the capturedfirelimit ... AND

    3. The captured hero is the lowest attack ... OR ... The feasting hall is full and the TrainingHero is not in the city.

    This goal has been deprecated. Please use KeepCapturedHeroes instead. If you have this goal in use, the bot will automatically treat it as the keepcapturedheroes internally. For example:

    capturedfirelimit 100 will be treated as keepcapturedheroes any:level>=100

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryHeroGoals

    CapturedFireLimit (last edited 2013-05-30 14:32:38 by Inanna)