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    traininghero heroname minstay maxstay npchits


    traininghero BigGuy
    traininghero BigGuy 120
    traininghero BigGuy 120 2400 10

    This directive will tell the bot who your main training hero is for use in queuing troops. You can have a different traininghero for different towns, or the same one for all towns. This hero will be automatically moved by the bot to each town that lists it as its traininghero. By default the bot will remain for 10 minutes in each town. You can adjust this duration to stay by adding a time, in seconds, to the end of the line.

    In the first example above, BigGuy will stay in the town for 10 minutes to queue/farm before moving along.

    In the second example above, BigGuy will stay in the town for 120 seconds (2 minutes) to queue/farm before moving along.

    In the third example above, BigGuy would stay at least 120 seconds (2 minutes), and may leave the city after at least 10 npc hits are made, or at least 2400 seconds (40 minutes) have passed.

    The bot does not detect whether the traininghero is needed to queue in a town before sending it. If the traininghero is set up to farm npcs in the city, and a "0" is given as the optional npchits value, then the bot will not farm npcs in that town. It needs to be at least "1". Also if the traininghero is set up to farm npcs in the city and the remaining stay of the default 10 minutes or the configured maxstay time is less than the roundtrip travel time to the next npc for him to farm, he will still hit that npc even though it exceeds the maxstay. He will be moved to the next city upon returning from a npc trip that exceeds the maxstay time.

    The traininghero will farm npcs level 1-5 if the city is configured to farm them, unless he is told not to. You can exclude the traininghero from farming those npcs by adding or modifying the NpcHeroes goal:

    npcheroes !BigGuy,any
    npcheroes 5 !BigGuy,any

    In the absence of any traininghero goal for a city, the best available attack score hero in that city will be used as the traininghero.

    Be sure not to set a town that is in 24-hour advanced teleport lockdown with your main traininghero, or it will get stuck!

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryHeroGoals CategoryTroopGoals

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