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    config troopsusereserved:[switch]


    config troopsusereserved:1


    0 = off
    1 = 100%
    0.5 = 50%

    By default, the bot will attempt to keep 1 day of food in each city. The bot will not queue troops if doing so would bring it under this amount of days. You can override this behavior and allow it to continue to queue new troops by enabling this goal.

    The switch should be the percentage of the minimum food you will allow the bot to queue down to, where "1" means 100%. As an example, if you wanted to keep 1/2 a day of food, you could use config troopsusereserved:0.5.


    Enabling this without knowing what you're doing could cause the bot to send your city into refuge!

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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