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    heropoints heroname-or-string points-string


    heropoints billybob att:100 int



    This goal is available starting in NeatBot 3353T

    This goal will allow you to tell the bot how and where you want the points from leveling up to be assigned. You could, for example, have a hero level up with points added to attack until it reaches 100 attack, and then automatically switch to adding points to intel or politics or both. Heropoints accepts hero names or hero strings. It also accepts a target string, to assign how you want points allocated.

    The target string will tell the bot how you want the points allocated. You may use the following values in a target string:

    • attack or att
      politics or pol
      intel or int
      off or none

    Some examples possible:

    • heropoints billybob attack:500      (assign points to attack attribute until it reaches 500)
      heropoints billybob pol:100,att:500 (assign points to both politics and attack attributes, completion is ratio-based, until politics is 100 and attack is 500)
      heropoints billybob pol:any         (same as "pol:0", i.e. "do not assign points to politics attribute")
      heropoints billybob att:500,pol:any (same as "att:500")
      heropoints billybob politics:*      (assign all points to politics attribute)
      heropoints billybob int             (same as "int:*")
      heropoints billybob off             (do not assign any points)
      heropoints billybob none            (same as "off")

    You can also use a HeroString to match which hero the heropoints goal will apply to:

    • heropoints any:level>300 att:*                 (for any hero level 301 or higher, put all points into attack)
      heropoints any:att>=60,int>att int:163,att     (for any intel hero that has 60+ attack, put 163 points in intel and the rest in attack)

    You can stack seperate stages of hero growth into a single heropoints goal, for example if you wanted to level a main intel hero up. Your first step may be to get the hero to 50 attack so it can hit npc5's. Then you'd want to work it to 100 attack and 850 intel for an archer shield/compact defense hero. After you achieved those stats you'd want the rest of the points to get distributed into the attack score. You could type this as follows:

    • heropoints billybob att:50 att:100,int:850 att

    The first stage of that is attack 50. The second is the attack 100, intel 850. The bot will work on those in ratio, so for every 1 point added to attack there would be (roughly) 8.5 points added to intel. After that is achieved, the bot would throw everything else into attack. The final "att" can also be written as "att:*". In absense of the "att" or "att:*" at the end of the above goal, the bot would assign everything else into the highest stat - which would be intel.

    The order of heropoints lines in your goals is IMPORTANT!! The bot works on a first-match basis for heropoints goals. For example, if we had a hero named BillyBob and he was level 1000 and you used the following 2 lines in your goals, only the 1st line would ever be applied to hero BillyBob:

    • heropoints any:level>300 att:*            (since BillyBob's level is 1000, this rule will apply to him)
      heropoints billybob att:100,int:850 att:* (since the above rule was applied, this rule will never trigger for BillyBob)

    Here are some more examples of the goal:

    • // assign points to attack attribute for Albert even if attack is not its highest attribute
      heropoints albert att
      // assign points to both politics and attack attributes for Eva [not likely to be useful in real life]
      // If Eva currently has att:20,pol:30 then first 10 points will be assigned to attack, then to both attack and politics equally
      heropoints Eva att,pol
      // increase attack strength for hero(es) with politics level exceeding 500
      heropoints any:pol>500 att
      // reset (forget) any previously defined heropoints rules
      heropoints /reset

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