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    gatepolicy <no attack> <regular attack> <scout bomb> <mixed attack> <maintenance>


    gatepolicy 2 1 2 0 1


    gatepolicy 0 0 0 0 0


    0 - Bot's Choice
    1 - Open Gate
    2 - Close Gate

    This policy sets the actions to be taken by your bot in controlling the gate when your city is under attack. In order for gatepolicy to operate, you must also use config Gate. The bot can respond by deciding on its own if it should be opening/closing, or by always opening, or by always closing the gates for each type of scenario: no attack, regular attack, scout bomb, mixed attack, and maintenance with this policy.

    In the example above, with no incoming attacks the bot will always keep gates closed; with regular incoming attacks it will always keep gates open; with an incoming scout bomb it will always close gates; with a mixed attack it will decide on its own whether to open or close; and for maintenance it will always open gates.

    It is important to note that regular attack means any attack that is not a scout bomb, and mixed attack means specifically both scout bombs and regular attacks landing within the same response period. Mixed attack does not mean mixed troops like a mech hit and a tradefire and a cav smack at the same time.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCombatGoals

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