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    safevalleyfarm level[,level,level]


    safevalleyfarm 10
    safevalleyfarm 9,10

    This directive will tell the bot to attempt to find and farm for resources and medals within valleys of the specified level that it can safely hit for zero losses. The bot will scout all valleys of the right levels within its medal/valleyfarming radius as specified in DistancePolicy (the 3rd number). It is recommended to keep the number of miles to around 10 or less for this; otherwise the bot will spend a lot of time scouting valleys. When the bot finds a valley that is safe to attack for no losses, it will send an attack while continuing to scout for more. It will remember the coordinates to safe valleys to hit, and attack them once an hour for resources and medals.

    The bot will use any available hero for safevalleyfarming, unless specified otherwise in ValleyHeroes.

    The following rules are applied for safe farming:

    • with a valley that has only archers on it, 1 scout and as many cavs as there are archers on the valley are sent.
    • with a valley that has no cavs and no archers, only archers are sent with a quantity based on the valley level.
    • with a valley that has cavs and no archers but up to 2 layers, archers with a quantity based on the valley level, accompanied with 1 ballista, 1 pike and 1 sword are sent.

    The following quantities of archers for each valley level are used:

    1: 50 / 2: 100 / 3: 200 / 4: 500 / 5: 1000 / 6: 2000 / 7: 4000 / 8: 8000 / 9: 15000 / 10: 30000

    Valleys get farmed at most once per hour, so it is possible that not all found valleys will be farmed due to closer valleys being ready to hit again.

    Saving goals with the same list of valley levels will not disrupt valley farming operations. If however you change the valley levels, the list of valleys to farm is reset and scouting will have to be performed again. To stop farming simply comment (# or // at the beginning of the line) or remove the safevalleyfarm goal.You can also use safevalleyfarm off in goals to disable it. On every reconnection, safe farming is returned to a clear state and scouting restarts with a fresh list of valleys.

    Using the ValleyFarming directive you can optionally specify what distance the bot will safevalleyfarm specific types of valleys, if you wish. For example, with the following goals:

    safevalleyfarm 9,10
    valleyfarming 10 3 10 3 3 3

    Your bot will scout and if possible safefarm level 9 and 10 forests and hills for 10 miles out, and deserts, swamps, grasslands, and lakes for 3 miles out. You would not include the config valleyfarming goal along with safevalleyfarm.


    • Safe valley farming cannot be used at the same time as config hunting and will not perform any operations.
    • There is currently no way to specify what troops to use to attack a valley.
    • Make sure all your valley slots are filled before activating safe valley farming. You do not want to capture valleys with safe valley farming.

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