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    keepheroes hero-string


    keepheroes any:level>=100


    keepheroes any:level>=50|any:base>=69

    This directive will tell the bot not to automatically fire any hero specified in the hero string.

    In the 1st example, the bot will keep heroes that are level 100 or higher.

    The default setting will keep heroes level 50+ or those with a base of 69+.

    NOTE: When running this command from the script window instead of as a goal, you can use the /reset switch to clear all keepheroes in memory, either from scripts or goals. For example: keepheroes /reset. Note that clearing via script will only last until the bot is restarted, unless the script is run each restart, or the goals are cleared as well.

    For more information about what hero strings can be used with this goal, check out HeroString.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryHeroGoals

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