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    taxpolicy min_rate max_rate [war_rate]


    taxpolicy 20 100
    taxpolicy 20 100 0 30

    This policy will tell the bot the range of tax you want set.

    The first example above would maintain a minimum 20% and maximum 100% tax rate. If the bot detects that additional gold is necessary to prevent a revolt, it will increase the tax rate as necessary, up to "max_rate".

    The second example above utilizes the optional war time tax rate. It would maintain a minimum 20% and maximum 100% tax rate during peacetime, and set 30% tax rate if it enters defense mode.

    The default values are 0 (min) and 100 (max). A default of 0 (min) allows the bot to maintain maximum population. Players with established accounts will probably wish to use the defaults.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryResourceGoals CategoryCityGoals

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