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    requestresources coords resType localAmount remoteAmount minBatch maxBatch troopType


    requestresources any food 100m 1b 50m 100m
    requestresources HubCity wood 25m 40m 5m * cavalry

    RequestResources works just like SendResources, except in reverse.

    Requestresources is used to instruct the bot to automatically request certain resources from certain destinations when the conditions specified are met. As an example, you can tell the bot to ask a resource depot city for 10mil wood anytime it falls below 15mil wood, while keeping at least 30mil in the sending city.

    Since a picture speaks a thousand words...


    Requestresources tends to look more complicated than it is. The things to remember are as follows:

    • Coordinates to request from can be in either xxx,yyy or city name format including "any". In order to request resources, the coordinates/name must be on the same account. You can request from multiple cities by seperating the coordinates or names with a |. For example requestresources WarCity|HubCity|FarmCity food 10m 20m 1m 1m s. You cannot exclude a specific city using !cityname.

    • The city to request from, resource type, local amount, and remote amount are required.
    • The minimum and maximum batch sizes and troop type to use for transporting are optional. If only specifying one number for the batch size, then it's considered to be the maximum amount NOT the minimum amount. If you do not specify either a maximum or minimum batch amount, then it will send as much or as little as it is able to send in order to keep the local and remote amounts correct.
    • You may use a * in place of numbers for the local or remote amounts or the minimum or maximum batch sizes, to indicate that the amounts don't matter.
    • The bot will not put the requesting city above the local amount. You must have BELOW this amount in order to have a request sent. The exception is in case you use a * for the local amount, then it will send regardless of the local amount.
    • The bot will not put the sending city below the remote amount. It must have ABOVE this amount in order to send some to the requesting city. The exception is in case you use a * for the remote amount, then it will send regardless of the remote amount.
    • If you specify a minimum batch and that amount would put the sending city below the amount it should keep, or the receiving city over the amount it should have, then it will not send yet. It will wait until the batch size is okay to send. If you use a * for the minimum batch then the bot will send any amount it decides to.
    • If the receiving city is critically low on something (the bot considers 50% or less of the remoteAmount to be critically low) then it will ignore the minimumBatch and send less to get resources there faster.
    • The bot takes into account resources that will be arriving before the transport could when calculating how much is needed at the receiving city.
    • By default the bot will only allow 1 mission per destination at a time in the rally. This means if city A is sending to or returning from this requesting city, then another send from city A will not happen until the existing one lands and returns. You can override this using the /slots switch. For example:
    • requestresources /slots=3 any food 100m 1b 50m 100m
      requestresources any food 100m 1b 50m 100m /slots:2

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