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    keepresource destination_coord res_to_keep [quantity if specified]


    keepresource 111,222 f:1b 50m
    keepresource OtherCity w:20m,i:20m 5m
    keepresource 111,222 f:250m



    This goal will allow you to keep a specified amount of resources, and send all extra to another location. For cities on the same account, you can use the city name, coordinates, or "any" for the destination. For cities on another account, you must use coordinates for the destination.

    In the 1st example above, the bot will keep 1 billion food in this city, and if it acquires over that, it will send the extra to 111,222 in increments of at least 50 million.

    In the 2nd example above, the bot will keep 20 million lumber and 20 million iron, and send all extra to OtherCity in increments of at least 5 million.

    Keepresource uses transports to send with by default. You can specify other troop types to send with. If specifying a troop type, the minimum batch MUST be included.
    For example: keepresources 111,222 w:20m 5m cavalry

    When not specifying a troop type other than transports, the last number (minimum batch) is optional. The bot will send as much over the "kept" amount as it has resources and transports available to, as long as it's at least the minimum batch specified. If no batch is specified, the bot sends any amount available over the "kept" amount (3rd example above).

    By default the bot will only allow 1 mission per destination at a time in the rally. This means if you're sending to or returning from city A, then another send to city A will not happen until that one lands and returns. You can override this using the /slots switch. For example:

    • keepresources /slots=3 111,222 w:20m 5m
      keepresources 111,222 w:20m 5m /slots:2

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