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    resourcelimits food lumber stone iron


    resourcelimits 2b 50m 2b 20m

    This directive is a stub or extension for TradePolicy. It will internally set your goals to function in a manner similar to the original resourcelimits found in older versions of AutoEvony and YAEB bots.

    This directive will instruct the bot how many of each resource you wish to keep in the city, so that it can buy and sell via config Trade to achieve it. The bot is a powerful tool, but it is not a miracle worker. The bot will generally tend to sell down food and stone in order to buy lumber and iron, so be careful of giving it unreasonable settings.

    This can be combined with TradePolicy to some extent. Place your resourcelimits goal line, and after it one or more TradePolicy lines to override the resourcelimits line for that specific resource. For example, since resourcelimits by default will set a very low internal gold TradePolicy, you could do:

    config trade:1
    resourcelimits 100b 20m 10b 50m
    tradepolicy /type:gold /min:500m

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryResourceGoals

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