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    reportstokeep items[switch] valley.HighLoss npc5.HighLoss npc10.LowLoss npc10.HighLoss


    reportstokeep 1 a:500 b:1 a:3800 a:6000


    0 = off
    1 = on

    This directive will tell the bot which reports you want it to keep.

    In the above example, any report with a treasure acquired will be kept because the first number is set to "1". Any valley attack report will be kept if the archers lost in it are 500 or more. Any npc5 attack report will be kept if 1 or more ballistas are lost. Any npc10 report will be kept if the archers lost are lower than 3.8k or higher than 6k. All other reports will be read and deleted by the bot.

    You can set these numbers to 0 in order to have it keep every report, i.e., reportstokeep 1 a:0 b:0 a:0 a:0.

    With the recent changes to Evony's reports system, the usefulness of this goal is only when you are offline during a report.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCityGoals

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