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    defensepolicy [/switches]


    defensepolicy /junktroop:500 /usespeech:5 /usetruce:2 /usewarhorn:1 /usecorselet:1 /usepenicillin:0


    defensepolicy /junktroop:1000 /usewarhorn:0 /usecorselet:0 /usepenicillin:0


    /usecorselet:[0/1] /useultracorselet:[0/1]
    /usewarhorn:[0/1] /useivoryhorn:[0/1]

    This policy allows the player to control various defensive capabilities of the bot. Additional options will be added to this command in future revisions.

    The /junktroop switch allows the player to set the number of troops under which an attack is considered junk. A junk attack will not trigger the attack warning, gatepolicy, hiding, defensepolicy, or other defensive measures.

    The /usespeech and /usetruce switches allow the player to designate the use of truce agreements or speech texts at the specified loyalty.

    The /usepenicillin, /usewarhorn, and /usecorselet switches allow the player to have the bot automatically apply these items when under attack.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCombatGoals

    DefensePolicy (last edited 2017-08-28 15:29:10 by Romulus)