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    config wartown:[switch]


    config wartown:1


    0 = off
    1 = on (traininghero can move in/out)
    2 = on (traininghero remains in city)

    With this goal enabled, the bot will lock down most troop movements in preparation of war. No npc farming runs, KeepResource, SendResource, KeepTroop, or SendTroop goals will be performed with this enabled.

    When this goal is set to 1, the TrainingHero may move freely into and out of the city. When this goal is set to 2, the TrainingHero will remain in the city if/when it lands there.

    If you want to easily recall all your marching armies after setting this goal, you can run the "recallall" script command from the city.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCombatGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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