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    config fasthero:[base]


    config fasthero:65


    config fasthero:0

    With this config enabled, the bot will attempt to quickly hire and fire heroes from the inn, keeping only heroes of the base attribute specified while keeping your config hero:x goal in mind. In the example above, with config hero:10 set, you want the bot to keep 1 politics hero and the rest attack heroes. With config fasthero:65 set, the bot will attempt to hire & fire until it has found 1 65+ base politics hero and the rest 65+ base attack heroes. Having a level 1 inn in the city is recommended for this goal in order to save gold.

    A hero may be fired if its base stat is lower than fasthero setting AND if it is not protected by your KeepHeroes goal. Fasthero will stop hiring when it has only 1 space left for the TrainingHero to enter the city, or when it has reached your FeastingHallSpace goal setting + 1 more for TrainingHero.

    When selecting which hero to fire, the bot will only choose from idle heroes. This means a better hero may be fired if a worse one is out farming. A helpful tip if filling multiple slots of heroes with fasthero in a city that is capable of farming npcs is to set valleyheroes and npcheroes using advanced hero strings to only use those with a high(er) base. For example,npcheroes 5 any:base>=65, would allow npc farming to only send out a hero with 65 or higher base, so that the junk ones fasthero is still processing will be idle for it to fire and replace.

    Config hero:10 or higher must be set before this goal will function. You must also have over 1 million gold in your city.

    If fasthero is set to 120 or higher, then it will search for heroes in a different way. The hero's combined base of attack + intel will be taken into account. So for example, if a hero has 65 attack and 65 intel and is level 10, it's combined base would be 65+65-10 = 120 and would be kept with config fasthero:120. When selecting which hero to fire with a 120+ fasthero setting, the bot will choose from all available heroes, not just idle ones.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryHeroGoals CategoryConfigGoals

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