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    troop troops_to_queue


    troop p:1,sw:1,cav:1
    troop a:100000,b:5000,t:5000,warr:15000,wo:5000,p:5000,sw:5000,s:5000,cav:1000,cata:1000,ram:5,cp:5
    troop warr:50000,p:15000,sw:15000,s:50000,a:200000
    troop a:250000,s:100000,c:10000,cata:5000
    troop a:400000,s:200000,b:10000,t:10000


    /usereserved:[%, where 1 = 100%]
    /usepopmax:[%, where 1 = 100%]


    troop /increment:0.1 /queuetime:.5 b:5k,t:5k
    troop /usereserved:0 /usepopmax:1 a:100k
    troop /queuetime:.5 /usereserved:0 w:100

    This directive is how you tell the bot what troops to queue. The bot reads each line from left to right, top to bottom. The bot will not move on to the 2nd troop line until the 1st line is completed, and if at any point in time a previous line becomes invalid (e.g., you get attacked and lose all your pikes) the bot will drop back to the 1st incomplete line to finish that one first.

    Using the above examples, the bot will first build 1 pike, 1 sword, and 1 cavalry in that order. Once complete the bot will then build 100k archers, 5k ballista/trans, 15k warriors, 5k workers/pikes/swords/scouts, 1k cav/phracts, and 5 rams/pults. Once that's completed the bot will then build 50k warriors, 15k pikes/swords, 50k scouts, and 200k archers. Once that's completed the bot will then build 250k archers, 100k scouts, 10k cav, and 5k phracts. Finally, the bot will start building 400k archers, 200k scouts, 10k ballista/trans.

    If the bot is currently working on building the 4th line of troop goals above, and you get attacked and you lose all your cavalry and pike, the bot will stop queuing the 4th line and instead build 1 pike/cav again from the 1st line, then go to the 2nd line and build the 5k pike and 1k cav, then go to the 3rd line and build the 15k pike, then resume where it left off on the 4th line.

    The bot also allows switches to individual troop goal lines that will override the default and configured troop settings. If no switches are specified, the bot will use the configured goals for all troops, or the default settings if both are lacking. Default settings are as follows:

    Default queue time is 30 minutes, default idle queue time is 1 minute, default usepopmax is 0 (use only idle pop), default usereserved is 0 (it won't go below the reserved amounts), and default increment is 0 (off).

    By default the bot sets config troop:1 internally if you have any Troop goal lines present. If you wish to disable all troop building for a city temporarily, instead of adding a // or # to each Troop line, you can simply add config troop:0 to goals.

    The usage of each switch can be found on the wiki pages for each, i.e., TroopsUseReserved for /usereserved, TroopIncrement for /increment, TroopQueueTime for /queuetime, TroopIdleQueueTime for /idlequeuetime, and TroopsUsePopMax for /usepopmax.

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