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    rallypolicy policytype:[level:]:maximumslots [policytype:[level:]:maximumslots


    rallypolicy n:10:1 n:8 m:1


    n = npc farming
    b = buildnpc
    m = medal hunting
    v = valley farming & safevalleyfarming
    starting in version 3057:
    t = troop reinforcements
    r = resource transports
    v = safe/valley farming & valley acquisition

    This policy will allow you to set the maximum number of each mission that can be done at the rally spot. This goal does not reserve rally spots for these tasks, nor does it increase the default limit on these tasks; it merely limits how many it can do at one time.

    Rallypolicy counts both returning and marching missions in its total.

    For npcfarming, you can limit not just by total missions, but also missions for each level of npc. In the example above, n:10:1 would limit to 1 npcfarming mission to level 10 npcs, while n:8 would limit ALL npcfarming missions (including level 10s) to 8 total. You could also write the level as a n:*:8 to account for any level, but it would be quicker to just write n:8.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCityGoals

    RallyPolicy (last edited 2014-04-11 00:31:56 by Inanna)