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    fortification type:quantity,type:quantity,type:quantity


    fortification tra:1
    fortification tra:1,ab:1,at:1
    fortification tra:10,ab:10,at:10
    fortification tra:100,ab:100,at:100,tre:10
    fortification tra:3000,ab:3000,at:15000,tre:200


    Trap - tra
    Abatis - ab
    Archer Tower - at
    Rolling Log - r
    Trebuchet - tre



    This directive will tell the bot to build wall defenses for your city. Just like the troop goal, fortification is read line by line in sequential order. In the example above, the bot is told to build 1 trap, 1 abatis, and 1 AT, then build 10 traps, 10 abatis, and 10 ATs, then build 100 traps, 100 abatis, 100 ATs, and 10 trebs, then build 3000 traps, 3000 abatis, 15000 ATs, and 200 trebs.

    If the bot is currently working on building the 4th line of fortification goals, and you get attacked and you lose part or all of your wall defenses, with the above settings, the bot will stop queuing the 4th line and instead complete the goal of 1 trap/abatis/AT again from the 1st line, then go to the 2nd line and build the 10 traps/abatis/ATs, then go to the 3rd line and build the 100 traps/abatis/ATs and 10 trebs, then resume where it left off on the 4th line.

    During an attack on you, the bot will read and build 1 of each type of wall defense listed on the 1st line of fortification goals with emergency priority. By setting these queue goals wisely, you can make yourself quite hard to break.

    You can disable wall building via goals with config fortification:0.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCityGoals

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