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    nolevelheroes hero-string


    nolevelheroes ForBob



    This directive will tell the bot not to upgrade a hero or heroes. In the example above, if the hero ForBob was being trained to give away to your friend Bob, you wouldn't want it to be upgraded due to increased persuasion costs and requirements. Setting this will allow ForBob to gain experience without being leveled up by the bot.

    Another example, incorporating the new advanced hero strings: nolevelheroes any:intel>=163 would allow your intel heroes to grow until 163 intel, then stop, letting you save up the points for adding to attack in the future, thus saving you holy waters to create a nice mech hitter. :)

    The bot allows multiple lines of nolevelheroes in goals. It also allows combining lines with a | as all goals allowing HeroStrings do. If using GlobalGoals with a nolevelheroes directive in them, you may find yourself needing to cancel the global nolevelheroes to add specific ones for an account. You can do this with the /reset switch. For example nolevelheroes /reset followed by the new nolevelheroes line(s).

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryHeroGoals

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