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    plan building_researchType:level:quantity,[building_researchType:level:quantity]


    plan c:4:3,ag:1,lu:1,mi:1



    With this goal, you are able to instruct your bot to work on buildings and research in your city. Plan differs from the Build and Research goals in that it will allow you to specify both building and research on the same line, and neither task will work on other goals until it is completed. As an example, if you had in goals:

    • build c:4:9,i:4:40
      build b:4:14
      research mi:4
      research ar:8,mt:7,ho:5

    Then your bot would work on the first build line and the first research line at the same time, until either line was finished. Then it would begin the 2nd line of that task while still working on the 1st line of the other. Eg: if mining level 4 finished first, then it would begin working on archery/military tradition/horseback riding right away, while the cottages and iron mines were still in progress for building.

    With plan you could have:

    • plan c:4:9,i:4:40,b:4:14,mi:4
      plan ar:8,mt:7,ho:5

    In this case your bot would finish the cottages and iron mines, the barracks, and mining level 4 before the 2nd line (archery, etc.) could begin.

    As with building and research, you can write out the full name or use the abbreviations. They use the same abbreviations as Build and Research, with one exception: stockpiling. Since "st" works on build for stable and research for stockpiling, the abbreviation "sp" was added. When using the plan goal, you must use "sp" for stockpiling research and "st" for stable build.

    You can enable/disable your plan goals with config plan:0 (for off) or config plan:1 (for on, which is default).

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCityGoals

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