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    comfortpolicy min_time max_time [options]


    comfortpolicy 15 20 popraise




    gold, go
    stone, st
    iron, ir
    food, fo
    wood, lumber, wo, lu
    popraise, po
    bless, bl
    pray, pr
    relief, dr

    This policy adds additional comforting and levying functions on top of the normal praying/disaster relief that it will do for grievance and loyalty maintenance. You do not need this policy if you only want your bot to maintain 100 loyalty/0 grievance. Config comfort:1 is enough for that. ComfortPolicy must be used with config comfort, but config comfort does not need comfortpolicy.

    In the example above, the bot will perform population raising, if needed, every 15-20 minutes.

    You may include any levying or comforting option in this, e.g., comfortpolicy 15 20 popraise wood pray, to have the bot perform population raising if needed every 15-20 minutes, and if not then levy wood every 15-20 minutes and follow with a prayer every 15-20 minutes whether it's needed or not.

    Be careful of adding praying or disaster relief to comfortpolicy with a larger account. You will very quickly be tossing away 10 million food per cycle if you do.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryCityGoals