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    tradepolicy /type:[restype] /min:[amount] /max:[amount] /batch:[amount] [/allowselltomin] [/donotautosellabovemax]


    tradepolicy /type:wood /min:20m /max:30m /batch:500k

    When trading is enabled, the bot will buy and sell resources to achieve the amounts specified in tradepolicy for each resource, or the default amounts if it is not.

    In the example above, the bot will try to maintain at least 20mil lumber but no more than 30mil lumber, and will perform trading in batches of 500k at a time. The abbreviation "d" may be used to signify days, rather than quantities, for gold and food minimums and food maximums. For example, /min:10d would signify 10 days' worth of food upkeep based on troops, or 10 days' worth of gold salary based on heroes. Gold cannot have a /max setting.

    Trading works in stages. An explanation of these stages will use the following tradepolicy goals as examples:

    tradepolicy /type:gold /min:50m
    tradepolicy /type:food /min:2d /max:10b /batch:1m
    tradepolicy /type:wood /min:20m /max:30m /batch:500k
    tradepolicy /type:stone /min:500m /max:1b /batch:1m
    tradepolicy /type:iron /min:20m /max:30m /batch:500k
    • 1st the bot will keep 50 million gold and never make resource bids that would put you below that.
    • 2nd the bot will acquire and keep at least 2 days worth of food, 20mil wood/iron and 500mil stone in your city. It will sell excess (anything over /max) of something - if you have excess - to get you back up to these minimum amounts at least. It will also spend all of your gold that is over the 50 million minimum set above to buy a resource if you're below minimum in any. If there is nothing extra to sell and no gold to spare, and if you have set the /allowselltomin switch, then it will sell other resource(s) over /min in order to buy a resource that is under /min. For example, tradepolicy /type:wood /min:20m /max:30m /batch:500k /allowselltomin.

    • 3rd the bot will try to acquire and keep a maximum of 30mil wood/iron, 1bil stone, and 10bil food. Any time a resource gets over /max, it will sell the excess off in order to bring the rest of your other resources proportionally up to /max. If every resource is at or above /max, then the bot will automatically sell resources as they get over /max and hoard the gold. You can disable this automatic selling of resources over /max by adding the /donotautosellabovemax switch to the line; for example: tradepolicy /type:food /min:2d /max:10b /batch:1m /donotautosellabovemax. Note the bot will still sell resources over /max if another resource isn't maxed yet, even with this switch set.

    The batch tells the bot how much to wait for to sell or buy at a time, so that it's not constantly spamming with small quantity trades; in this example the bot has to wait until it can buy or sell at least 500k or 1mil at a time, depending on the resource.

    If you go into emergency trade and need gold/food for comforting or refuge/revolt protection, it will sell as low as necessary and ignore the minimum batch. Do not set the batch too high on small or new accounts and expect the bot to be able to trade those large amounts.

    If you are on a CAPTCHA server, you should set as large of a batch as your resource flow comfortably allows, to reduce the number of trades you do, and therefore the number of CAPTCHAs you receive.

    All /min settings are ignored in an emergency. Emergency is defined as gold under 24 hours' worth of salary, and 30 minutes' worth of troop upkeep in food.

    Not listing a tradepolicy line for a specific resource will NOT turn off trading for that resource. You cannot turn off trading for a particular resource. You can tell the bot not to buy or sell something by giving it a /min and /max just above and below it's current value, if the value stays relatively fixed, and by adding /donotautosellabovemax to keep any it goes over that. Excluding a line for a resource defaults it to built-in values for buying and selling that resource. For food this maximum would be 990b. For lumber/stone/iron this is (I believe) 20m min up to 7.2 trillion or something ridiculously high max.

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