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    config troopidlequeuetime:[minutes]


    config troopidlequeuetime:5

    When a traininghero is configured but not currently present, and there are idle barracks available, the bot can now use the best available hero to queue troops in small batches. This goal will set the amount of time per batch, in minutes, for the idle queue.

    The default value is currently 0 (disabled) for nonratio-based mode. In ratio-based mode (when config TroopIncrement:1) the default idle queue time is 1 minute.

    The bot will look at best available hero vs. traininghero for each troop type to decide whether to use idle production or regular. For example, if TrainingHero is 360 attack and best idle hero in town is 300 attack, both have 1-second warriors. If warriors need to be built, it will do the full amount with the available hero rather than building small amounts or waiting for the traininghero to arrive.

    Troopidlequeuetime:xx is how many minutes can be queued in the barracks in relation to what the traininghero would take. Example: config troopidlequeuetime:1. This means it will queue a batch size that will not take 1 minute longer than the traininghero would take to queue the same thing. This can mean larger queues for better heroes.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryTroopGoals CategoryConfigGoals